Volume Recruitment

High volume roles attract high volumes of candidates, this not only provides the challenge of managing so many applicants but also identifying and progressing the best candidates through the recruitment process. These challenges can sometimes lead to a poor candidate experience disengaging potential employees or damaging to your brand.

GFB can help you manage applicants for volume roles to ensure they are processed accurately, objectively and efficiently from beginning to end and ensure that both successful and unsuccessful candidates feel positive about their experience.

GFB will support you with volume recruitment


A unique behavioural methodology which is scientifically proven to identify candidates with high performance capability.


A reliable and robust technology platform which quickly analyses large sources of data therefore saving you time and money.

Consultancy Support

Qualified and credible assessors – your partners in candidate evaluation.

Project Support

Supported by an exceptional project management team who can manage things on your behalf if required.

How can I best collect and collate information about our talent pool?

You need a lot of people information, but to prevent you from getting lost in untranslatable data you must have technology systems that take the pain out of collation, storage and reporting. You need to turn bits of information into action plans.

Our team of experts can help. Our online assessment system can measure and store details on some or all of your people, and provide you with access to the data you need, when you need it, at the click of a mouse. You can choose to manage this yourself or let our project managers do it.

We can integrate with your Applicant Tracking Systems for even more powerful decision making. 

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