Virtual Leadership Assessment

The ability to select the right senior executives to lead your organisation in this uncertain and volatile world is a business-critical capability. The Covid-19 pandemic and resultant crisis has highlighted the importance of ensuring your organisation’s current and future leaders are fit for the evolving challenges being presented to them.  With social distancing requirements making face-to-face recruitment challenging, employers are increasingly turning to alternative objective data inputs to gather the necessary information.

GFB have over 20 years’ experience in supporting our clients to select the right senior executives to drive their business forwards and have assessed 1000s of leaders during this time. With our virtual Leadership Assessment process, our consulting team can help you to review the requirements of a role and identify the key traits, behaviours and skills that will be required for an individual to be successful. Our team of expert occupational psychologists, coupled with our suite of well validated online psychometrics, allows us to remotely and objectively provide you with clear data and insight on your candidates to show who will thrive and who may fall short in easy-to-understand analysis and feedback.

The GFB Approach

Our approach to Leadership Assessment has been designed to provide organisations with an objective understanding of an individual’s leadership strengths, preferences and ability, and to provide a view of these strengths within the context in which they will be required to operate. Our leadership profiling gives a real sense of an individual’s natural preferences and behaviour and how those preferences play out at work. Profiling is used to find out about the behaviours and competencies that the individual uses; their personality and motivational preferences; and their cognitive ability. 

Virtual Leadership Assessment

Virtual Leadership Assessment Process

Our core Leadership Assessment journey follows a simple 5-stage process which underpins all our assessment work. This model can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of your organisation, to establish the best assessment process both for your recruiting managers and for individual candidates. Each process is tailored to the needs of your specific organisation whist drawing on best practice and well validated research but largely draws on the process below. This approach works for both one role with multiple candidates, or multiple roles.

Virtual Leadership Assessment Process

Stage 1: Role mapping

Prior to the individual assessment, the requirement for each role is reviewed and a virtual briefing undertaken with either the recruitment team or the recruiting manager. This allows our consulting team to create an ideal profile for each role in question based on the information provided, confirming the mapping and requirements for the role. Each candidate would be assessed using the process identified at project set up but the analysis and fit for the role at a group candidate reporting level would be measured against the ideal identified profile.

Stage 2: Virtual Assessments

We have a well validated approach to interviewing and an accredited suite of online psychometric tools. We would work with you to identify the most suitable tests and key behaviours for your specific requirements but areas assessed within our approach to Leadership Assessment include:

Leadership Psychometrics

Stage 3: Reporting

Following each assessment GFB produce a detailed report that summarises the evidence given during the interview and highlights strengths and potential areas for development with traffic light indicators in each capability. The report also summarises the results of the psychometric tests and suggests questions to probe at next interview. The report provides a clear and objective indication of how the individual is likely to operate at work and therefore the key messages it contains are important for reflection. We provide accurate, timely and accessible information with the appropriate level of detail for recruiting managers to quickly access and understand, without needing to know the exact science behind it.

For groups of candidates, we typically provide a group data summary as well as individual reports so that the candidate personality and behavioural data can be compared alongside each other to make it easier for accurate and objective candidate assessment. This information can then feed into the overall recruitment process to be considered alongside other inputs.

Leadership Reporting

Stage 4: Review

At the review stage, GFB have a virtual meeting with the recruitment team or hiring manager to discuss candidate strengths and risks based on psychometric assessments and BEI outputs. Our consultant provides the team with a summary of scores and information on each candidate and talks the recruitment team, or recruiting manager, through the results. The reports are used by the hiring manager to inform the next interview.

Stage 5: Feedback

GFB provide optional coaching feedback on interview and psychometrics to support transition into role or development for candidates who were unsuccessful. For successful candidates or internal candidates, we recommend that 1:1 developmental feedback is provided by a member of the GFB executive coaching team.

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