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Elise Cope

Elise Cope

Partnership Manager

The Schroder Series; Involves

Welcome to the second in our series of blogs exploring the Schroder Framework of High Performance and what that looks like in the real world. In this post we are looking at the Involves cluster which includes the Enabling Openness, Facilitating Interaction, and Developing Capability behaviours. We’ll dive deeper into these individual behaviours in later blogs.

Tonight, I watched a recording of the 59th presidential inauguration – a first for me but I had heard so much about it, I did not want to miss out.  Love him or loath him, Biden, through both his inauguration speech and first hours in office, has openly demonstrated the high performing levels of the behaviours of an Involving Leader. 

He clearly set out his intention to build an open and honest relationship with all American citizens. During his speech he repeatedly used the word “Unity” emphasising that he will “be a President for all Americans”.  He acknowledged that people have differences, and they should be respected, he will listen to them and base any decisions on facts, not fiction. He aims to rebuild the trust of all the American people.

Despite having Kamala Harris run against him in the Democratic nomination for presidency, he has invited her to be his vice president, the first female, black, Asian-American vice president, clearly demonstrating a willingness to collaborate with a previous competitor and harness her strengths into the team. Together they are stronger.

And finally, he is fostering a growth mindset in that he is prepared to take advice and support from all three previous Presidents, Bush, Clinton and Obama as he starts out on his unprecedented presidential path.


He has yet to complete his first week in office but in his first 2 days produced more executive orders than each of the previous four US presidents in two weeks, including:

  • Mandatory mask wearing, accelerating Covid vaccines and increasing testing
  • Returning the US to the Paris climate accord
  • Restoring ties with the World Health Organisation
  • Preventing the discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Trump will be spitting out his dummy.

At GFB our foundation of leadership is based on the well validated and widely used Schroder Framework of Leadership. The framework consists of eleven key behaviours set within 4 clusters: Thinking, Involving, Inspiring, and Achieving. Each of the 11 behaviours is further defined by 5 levels ranging from negative use of the behaviour at level one, to an inspirational use of the behaviour at level five where an individual is embedding a culture which supports and encourages others to use this behaviour within the organisation. The framework has been empirically researched and proven to be reliable and valid.

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