Strength Based Leadership Approach

GFB are specialists in strengths based leadership development interventions and have delivered over 50+ development events for over 500 leaders to date. A one-size-fits-all broad brush approach to leadership development is not what we do. We have firmly established and seen real return from a focus on strengths and individual differences and seen clear and measurable results in the leaders we work with.

GFB can support you with strength based leadership approach by:

Backed by Research

GFB’s approach to leadership development is based on extensive research. It has been designed to help individuals understand their leadership strengths and provide a view of these strengths within the team and context in which they operate.


GFB have delivered over 50+ development events for over 500 leaders.

Consultancy Support

Qualified and credible assessors can help guide you through the development process that is right for your organisation.

GFB knows what makes a successful leader

Our research has shown that there is no one size fits all model for an effective leader. Successful leaders differ greatly in the skills, personalities and behaviours which have set them apart and helped them to excel in their respective fields. What great leaders do have in common is self-awareness. They understand where they can best use their strengths to drive an organisation forward, know how to get the best out the people around them and, understand the needs of their followers – they truly know their strengths – and can call on the right strength at the right time.

In this uncertain and volatile world, leaders are increasingly under pressure to:

-Innovate to keep pace with changing customer demand.
– Maximise the use of technology to deliver faster and more effective services.
– Build a leadership community, drawing people from across organisations to work together more efficiently and effectively than before.
– Develop outstanding leaders, from an increasingly diverse population, who are aware of their key strengths and use these effectively to build a high performance culture.

Developing transformational leaders who will survive and thrive in this environment is an important job. Leaders speak of wanting the space and time to reflect and to practice how to lead diverse groups of people, engaging with them and winning hearts and minds.

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