SHL Leadership Report

The Leadership Report provides a detailed insight into an individual’s leadership capability by analysing his or her unique style of operating and suggesting the areas of leadership in which he or she has the potential to excel as well as suggesting areas he or she finds more challenging.


104 choices
Approx 30 minutes untimed

high quality

Conforms to BPS and American Psychological Association guidelines


Existing, potential and new leaders


British Psychological Society (BPS) Level B accreditation

The Leadership report is an output of SHL’s OPQ32r personality questionnaire, one of the most well respected personality tools developed. Ipsative in format and consisting of 104 choices the survey takes candidates approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Features and Benefits

It provides a competency-based approach to leadership, and covers four functions critical to leadership effectiveness in your clients organisations:

– Developing the vision

– Sharing the goals

– Gaining support

– Delivering success

The SHL Leadership Report helps you assess leadership bench strength and develop breakthrough leadership. It can be used for:

– Existing leaders

– New leaders

– Leadership succession

– Self-development

– Leadership team integration

– Developing and nurturing the talents of future leaders

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