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360 Degree Feedback Tools

180 Degree Feedback Survey

For an individual to gain detailed feedback on a particular area of their work.

360 Degree Feedback Survey for Leaders

A 360 degree feedback survey for use by senior managers and leaders.

360 Degree Feedback Survey for Managers

A 360 Degree Feedback survey for managers.

360 Degree Feedback Survey for Individuals

A 360 Degree Feedback survey for individuals without direct reports.

360 Degree Feedback for Education Middle Leaders

Adapted specifically for mid level leaders in the education sector and schools.

360 Degree Feedback Survey for Education Professionals

Adapted specifically for education professionals.

360 Degree Feedback Survey for Education Senior Leaders

Adapted specifically for senior leaders in the education sector and schools.

360 Degree Feedback Survey on Emotional Intelligence

Adapted specifically for use in developing Emotional Intelligence.

360 Degree Feedback Suvey for Law Leaders

Adapted specifically for leaders in a law firm.

360 Degree Feedback Surveys for Law Professionals

Adapted specifically for use in a law environment.

360 Degree Feedback Survey for Sales Leaders

Adapted specifically for use with sales managers and leaders.

360 Degree Feedback Surveys for Sales Professionals

Adapted specifically for use in a fast paced sales environment.

360 Degree Feedback Survey: Bespoke and Built for Your Organisation

Your framework, your questions, your language.

360 Degree Feedback Training

Ensure your team have the right skills to have meaningful developments conversations with your employee.

Psychometric Tools

Ability Psychometrics

Numerical Data Interpretation Test

Assesses numerical reasoning ability related to the interpretation and manipulation of the types of numerical data routinely encountered in the workplace.

Core Abilities Assessment

A short assessment of general ability including; verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning.

Differential Aptitude Tests (DAT)

Suite of assessments measuring cognitive abilities in a number of different areas

SHL Psychometric

Verify Ability Assessments

SHL's range of ability assessments for aptitude and ability.

SHL Psychometric

Essential Business Skills Assessments

Cost effective screening tools for assessing basic skills for entry level candidates.


Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory

Designed to predict occupational success.

IRIS Situational Judgement

Iris Situational Judgement Test

Cost-effective online job applicant sifting tool.

SHL Psychometric

SHL Management and Executive Scenarios Assessment

Gain vital insight into an individual's managerial judgement levels.

SHL Psychometric

Job Specific Assessments

Quick and effective selection for contact centre, customer facing and manager/ supervisory roles.

SHL Psychometric

Professional IT Skills Assessment

Assess the professional IT skills of prospective candidates.

Learning Styles Questionnaire

Mearures an employees learning style.

Raven's APM & SPM Assessment

Non-verbal reasoning assessment suitable for all languages and cultures.

Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA)

Assesses high level numerical reasoning.

Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

Assesses critical thinking in senior level staff.

Personality Psychometrics

Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ)

Designed to give insight into an individual's emotional intelligence level.

Giotto Test of Integrity

A personality questionnaire that includes an assessment of integrity.

Golden Personality Type Profiler

A personality instrument for the indication of personality Type.

The Leadership Dimensions Questionnaire

To measure emotionally intelligent leadership.


Hogan Development Survey

Provides an insight as to how a person may behave when stressed.


Hogan Personality Inventory

Provides insight into style when a person is operating at their best.


Behavioural self assessment based on the Schroder Framework of High Performance.

SHL Psychometric


A new personality instrument for the indication of personality Type.

Orpheus Personality Assessment

A work-based personality questionnaire to help identify typical behaviours and 'fit'.

Orpheus Team Potential Questionnaire (TPQ)

A team report highlighting the impact of individuals on the overall operating style of a team.

SHL Psychometric

SHL Emotional Intelligence Report

Gain a detailed insight into an individuals Emotional Intelligence level.

SHL Psychometric

SHL Leadership Report (OPQ32)

Gain insight into an individual's leadership capability.

SHL Psychometric

SHL Sales Report (OPQ32 & MQ)

Provides a snapshot of an individual's natural styles that are critical to sales success.


SOSIE personality trait and values tool.

GFB Personality Profile

Personality Profile and Narrative report for use in selection and development.

Motivation Psychometrics


Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

The MVPI is a personality inventory that reveals a person's core values, goals and interests.

Intrinsic Motivation Test

A measure of motivation and the deep-rooted internal drivers rather than the 'extrinsic' motivators.

SHL Psychometric

The Motivation Questionnaire (MQ)

A comprehensive insight into what motivates people to exert more energy in the workplace.

Organisational Consultancy Tools

Development Assessment Centres

A collection of the most valuable instruments to assess a person that will feed into a development programme.

Recruitment Assessment Centres

Provide your candidate with a web page hosting a number of selected assessments and tools for sifting or as part of a wider assessment centre.

Behavioural Event Interviewing

Enables you to gather evidence of past behaviours against an agreed framework.

Volume Recruitment

GFB can help you to manage applicants for volume roles to ensure they are processed accurately, objectively and efficiently from beginning to end and ensure that both successful and unsuccessful candidates feel positive about their experience.

Employee Engagement Survey

Enables an organisation to measure the extent to which its employees are engaged and why.

Virtual Remote Assessment Centres

Our assessment centres enable our customers to process hundreds of candidates a year, smoothly and efficiently, as well as recruit candidates with critical skills for successful change programmes.

Individual and Team Coaching

The GFB Coaching team are results–orientated individuals with a genuine passion for making a positive difference to individuals, groups and organisations.

BPS Test User Qualification: Ability And Personality

Completing the BPS Verified course will enable you to use all major UK ability and aptitude tests, allowing you to undertake recruitment and development campaigns on your own terms.

Frequently asked questions

GFB (originally Getfeedback) was founded in 2000, developed from a desire to bring together a unique blend of business, technology and psychology expertise. GFB is now recognised as one of the leading HR consultancies in the UK with a client portfolio that includes HSBC, Bentley, B&Q, Pizza Express, Dixons Carphone, Hiscox, Berendsen and EgonZehnder.

At GFB we can offer you a wide range of psychometrics, 360 degree feedback tools, employee engagement tools all under the one secure platform with a range of branding options. We also have support team on hand for any technical queries you, your employee or candidates might have as well as the experienced and knowledgeable consultants who can guide and support you while using the tools. 

Our platform hosts tests from SHL, Hogan, Talent Lens and a number of tools designed in-house. We can also work with your organisation to create tools that are bespoke to your frameworks or competencies.

Just send us over an email or complete one of the websites forms, we will ask you about your requirements and suggest the best options. We can usually get you up and running the same day if we get your information by 4pm.

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