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GFB supports HR, Recruitment and Management Consultancies with our range of people measurement tools and services. We can provide you with a comprehensive range of tools to support your client projects and grow your business.

Our online platform provides you with direct access to a range of assessments and surveys to be delivered directly to your customers. In many cases our tools can be branded with your or your clients logo to provide a fully integrated experience. Our flexible platform can also be used to host bespoke surveys and tools allowing you to develop and deliver tools designed by you to meet your clients needs.

We offer a variety of psychometric tests from leading publishers such as SHL, Hogan,  and TalentLens.

Our testing platform, developed and refined for over 20 years, allows BPS qualified administrators to set up tests and generate reports at the click of a mouse from a single supplier.

As experts we can provide help and advice on tools and many selection issues. We are happy to provide you with as much or as little support as required to deliver your projects.


Lots of round pegs in round holes: client happy. One square peg in round hole: customer worried. Of course it’s more complex than a kid’s game but recruitment is like management: get it wrong once and credibility zeros.

Getfeedback loads the odds in your favour. We’re psychologists. We know assessment. We only choose the best.

We’re technologists. We know technology can make things easier or cause seizures. Our technology isn’t an obstruction to be driven around: it’s a motorway to performance.

We’re business people. We know everyone is different. That’s why we make it easy to customise our solutions to your own business or co-brand it for each of your specific clients.

Our tools cover personality, ability and motivational assessment and, if you are thinking about using a combination of tools, you may simply want to use one of our ‘Talent in a Box for Selection’ collections – a selection of what we feel to be the best mix of assessments to get a broad set of information.

We deliver all these solutions through our own state-of-the-art online system. We simply bill you for the tests you use: no license fees, no on-going technical costs. We will of course, train you to run the system for you or your client or you can simply let us take the administrative strain.

Human beings don’t like to be addressed as an example or type. Organisations are the same. They increasingly talk about their unique issues, their culture, their personality. And they want solutions to reflect that uniqueness. So do you. You don’t want prescriptive systems that dictate working practices or the assessments that can and cannot be used.

We are masters (even if we say so ourselves) at balancing the need to ensure techniques are standardised, reliable and valid, and yet reflect a particular consultant, client or assessment exercise.

You can choose whether you monitor the progress of the assessments and surveys through your own system, transfer this to your client – or simply have us do this for you. You can choose to have your system using your company branding, or that of your client, or indeed co-branded – and we’ll set this up for you.

IT and data security are giving you a headache. Leave us with the max-strength painkiller. Security is a core competency of ours. You can concentrate on what’s important for you: working with the client, making decisions informed by hard information, creating a sustainable win-win relationship with your client.

How can you help your client make the right choice if they don’t know what ‘right’ means? Accurate, meaningful and accepted job profiles are the foundation of any recruitment process. If they don’t know what ‘good’ (or even ‘brilliant’) looks like they’re literally blindfolded when they appraise, feedback, set objectives, discipline or reward. They’ll be managing from a disadvantage.

Profiling roles using psychometrics and structured interviews helps you find out what behaviours make for successful performance. You’ll be measuring raw intelligence, motivational style and personality tendencies – all of which go towards building the rich picture of what contributes to making someone a good performer. We can show you the difference between brilliant, good, average and poor performers – so you can work on these issues with your clients.

Partners 360 tools

Our 360 feedback surveys have been designed with flexibility in mind: you can choose to run one of our off the shelf surveys; each tailored to a specific audience:

Leader, Manager, Individual Contributor, Education Leader, Sales Leaders, Sales Professionals, Law Leaders, Legal Professionals
Alternately we can create a bespoke tool tailored to your own or your clients competency framework.

Surveys are completed online, and can be administered by our team of helpful specialists, or we can provide free training allowing you to manage surveys on behalf of your clients.

Our 360 reports are designed to present the results of the 360 clearly, concisely, and in a way that is easy for an individual to understand where their strengths and development areas lie. Our reports are also fully customisable and can be branded with your or your clients logo.


We talk about flexibility throughout this web site. That’s because we mean it. Our response to your enquiry is never ‘This is how we do things around here’. It’s always ‘What are you trying to do and how can we help you achieve it.’

360 needs to be customised, tailorable, trainable. Our online system enables this.

Sometimes, of course, you want an already proven, off-the-shelf 360 survey or one that you or your client has specifically developed but now needs to be web-enabled.

If you’re looking for a tool that has already been developed and simply want to run this – and yet still using the flexibility of the online assessment system – you can choose from our 360 questionnaires designed for use with Managers, Leaders or for those not yet in a management position.

If your client already has created a 360 survey, we can help by web and mobile-enabling this across our secure and reliable platform.

We can validate the survey to ensure it really does do what you think it does by mapping it to a validated framework.

But let’s be honest. Other people can do this. What’s different about us apart from the fact that our tools and technology are great?

Experience teaches us that process is supreme. Low completion rates ruin the exercise. This devil is in the dirty detail. For that reason we’ve developed a 360 Portal which simplifies the whole process for the end user and test taker. You can manage the online system, your client or outsourced to our professional project managers.

Data and IT security are 360 requirements – not added extras. We won’t blind you with science – unless you insist – we know about surveys and we know about IT security. We take the load off you.

Of course, if you want us to develop a questionnaire for you and your client from scratch, our experienced consultants can help with that.

Leaders create the environment within which organisations win awards or crash and burn. Leadership development is a hugely challenging consultancy job – it stretches you personally and professionally. It can be hugely rewarding or result in long evening drives gnawing away at why it didn’t work as you wanted.

You start by getting leadership teams to look at themselves – something they often don’t do a lot. We suggest the best way to do this is through a combination of high quality thought-provoking psychometrics and a 360 survey – so they really see what others think of them.

We’d recommend that you consider combining personality/motivation assessment with measures of reasoning and critical thinking. Indeed, you may simply want to use our Talent in a Box for Development – a selection of what we feel to be the best mix of assessments to get a broad set of information.

To provide an insight into how others see them, we’d suggest you use our off-the-shelf 360 tool – Leadership 360 – although of course we can web-enable your client’s 360 survey should they already have one.

Should 360 surveys only be used for development? No! That’s purist talk. Time and time again we are asked – and we see the need – to incorporate a 360 questionnaire into a performance process. Because it helps get clients where they want to be.

Well-defined behavioural and technical competency frameworks are the foundations of performance review; they make it planned and proactive.

Such a framework allows the company to state and an individual to understand what is required by any job. It provides a language to discuss that requirement. Once someone understands these behaviours (not to mention how their reports, peers, manager and others perceive them) development plans can be built and progress reviewed without destructive emotions*.

We can support you through the use of our off-the-shelf 360 questionnaires for Managers, Non-managers and Leaders. Of course we can also web-enable your client’s current 360 questionnaire should they have one.

*though constructive emotion can help here. Work is emotional. People need to internalise and really believe their performance goals.

What’s needed here is some more detail – some detail to understand where the strengths and the weaknesses of the team lie and how then to develop this into a performing team.

Psychometrics will help in this situation. And using the Orpheus personality questionnaire we have a unique team report that identifies what each individual’s impact on the team is – and this can be a great starting point to understanding what is happening within the team.

You may want to then look further – and what is motivating each of the team members – not the external motivators but the internal, intrinsic aspects.

When a client realises there is a problem with performance and wants to introduce a way to manage the improvement, they want quick results – and so they call on you.

No worries – we have a number of core skills training courses which are off-the-shelf, ready-to-use and will do just the job. One of these is a performance training course. Perfect.

And of course other development areas can be covered off from this range of core modules too: dip into them as you wish.

If you’re looking to evaluate any training event that you may facilitate for your client, perhaps you want to take a look at how we can support the evaluation of the training course.

Use our platform to generate surveys and gather feedback. We have a range of Employee Opinion Surveys, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Training Needs Analysis and Event and Training Feedback, including surveys using Kirkpatrick’s methodology (Kirkpatrick Level 1).


We give great survey – but we are more than just a survey company. Because of our integrated approach we can turn acres of uncultivated data into sprouting fields of nutritious information. We cross-fertilise employee data, customer loyalty and business performance so that the insights build sustainable strengths into management processes. Our approach is so straightforward your managers will wonder how they ever did without it!

We can provide you either with our off-the-shelf engagement survey or take any questions or items that have already been written and look to web-enable these. Of course, you are still in control – you can either take the generated reports or the raw data and analyse this yourself. Up to you.

High attrition is often a sign of lack of employee engagement.

An engagement survey is the first step to solving this problem. Your client probably doesn’t already have one of these and so our off-the-shelf survey may be the answer. The key driver analysis information that this generates will be able to pinpoint the areas of most concern to the employees and help prioritise action.

We are our sector’s Babel Fish*

Whether your client already has their own questionnaire that they simply need improving through web-enabling or a report written, or whether they wish to take advantage of our off-the-shelf engagement survey we are able to support multi-language administration of the survey. And if we don’t already have the language your client needs in our off-the-shelf tool, then we can work with you to get this in place.

* If this reference eludes you, the Babel Fish was invented by Douglas Adams in his book ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’. You put the fish in your ear (really!) and it translated every known language in the universe into your language. But don’t taker our word for it. It’s a good book.

Tests and surveys can be branded to feature your company’s logos and branding:

Why use GFB?

– We’ve been proving tools and services to reseller organisations for over 12 years

– We offer free training to administer surveys online

– We’re experts in people assessment – we can advise on any aspect of measuring talent

– Our friendly team of technical support advisers are available by phone or email to help with any query from you or your candidates.

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