Orpheus Team Potential Questionnaire

This is a specific report that can be generated after a number of people complete the Orpheus personality questionnaire. The Orpheus TPQ combines the individual scores to reflect the impact of the individuals’ strengths and weaknesses when individuals form a team.


Approximately 25 minutes - untimed

high quality

Conforms to BPS and American Psychological Association guidelines


All staff


British Psychological Society (BPS) Level B accreditation

The habitual styles of the individuals can translate into the operating practices of the entire team and by simply changing one person, the style of operating or working may change. By understanding how the team works, its strengths and weaknesses, the team is able to build on the strengths and manage the collective weaknesses. The report suggests the optimal environment for a particular team and also indicates how a team is likely to perform within a particular environment.

The report draws on the seven dimensions of the Orpheus questionnaire:
Proficiency; Work Orientation; Patience; Fair-mindedness; Loyalty; Disclosure; Initiative

Orpheus TPQ

This report has been developed in conjunction with Professor John Rust and can only be purchased from GFB.

SHL Psychometric


features and benefits

  • A team oriented assessment based on the popular Orpheus personality measure
  • Developed specifically for use with teams
  • Provides an easy to understand profile and report
  • Focuses solely on the team as a whole, providing tips and advice to maximise the potential of the tea

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