Management enhancements at Royal Institution designed with members and public in mind

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For an organisation dedicated to the public interest, relying on the prestige built up over 134 years of professional service simply isn’t good enough. You have to build on that trust by consistently striving to be the best.

For the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), that meant choosing Getfeedback to develop a programme of continuous improvement for management and staff, to ensure that RICS remains at the leading edge of chartered institutions in terms of innovation and public service.

RICS is the worldwide property organisation, dedicated to safeguarding the public on all property-related matters, including land valuation, real estate and construction. Completely independent and non-profit, RICS is responsible to both the public and the organisation’s 110,000 members in 120 countries worldwide.

“To enhance the public’s trust and expectations, we need to continually improve the way we do business,”, says RICS HR director, Steven Waterhouse. “That means helping our staff find ways to perform their roles better. And we found the most cost-effective way of doing that was to invest in developing best-practice solutions from companies like Getfeedback.”


Instituting organisational change

Getfeedback has extensive expertise in helping large, complex organisations like RICS adopt new behaviours to improve performance and ensure adherence to core values and goals. RICS identified communication to members as one key area for improvement.

Working closely with RICS learning and development consultant Albert Tonks, Getfeedback designed new performance management systems to help employees perform at the top of their game. A series of intensive management workshops will encourage continual improvement in processes and develop a staff culture of success.

“RICS has clearly defined member-focused objectives that it is determined to meet,”, says Alison Gill, CEO of Getfeedback.“Our workshops will ensure staff are better equipped to reach those goals and show measurable improvement to RICS vast and diverse membership.”


Fitting to its leadership role, the scale of institutional change at RICS is unprecedented among chartered institutions. Already, it is being considered a model for improvement by other organisations eager to imitate RICS success. But that doesn’t mean RICS is finished making improvements.

“We will continue to invest in training and development for our staff to provide the best support for our members,”said Mr. Waterhouse.“Promoting and enhancing our membership is vital to maintain RICS as the voice for our industry, and to continue to effectively safeguard the public good.”

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