GFB Consultancy

Identifying & Developing Talent

Data-informed people decisions are objective people decisions.
GFB’s assessment consulting helps you make them. 

We offer expert guidance and support to help develop, and get the best out of your organisation’s people. 

Developing Your Organisation's Teams

We help leaders to build high performance teams who think diversely, challenge constructively and collaborate to deliver above and beyond expectation. Our approach results in real long-term behavioural change that drives how the team works together to deliver real results.

We support teams to create an environment where people work together

GFB can help you make data-driven talent decisions

Coaching & Development

The GFB Coaching and Development team are results–orientated individuals with a genuine passion for making a difference to individuals, groups and organisations. Our team are skilled and experienced in business, psychology and coaching, which when combined provides a powerful coaching intervention.

Development Centres

Development centres enable you to see your talent pool in action in a variety of different situations. Rigorous development centres provides quantitative data on your talent pool that allows you to rank the individuals against a competency index, thereby enabling you to accurately identify your shining stars and potentially some hidden gems.

Facilitating Culture Change

The impact of culture on the performance of an organisation has become more and more obvious as the impact of regulation and uncertainty directly affect the bottom line. GFB equips leadership teams to develop an agile culture, effective in an uncertain and ever changing business environment.

Through working in partnership with GFB we have put in place the building blocks which will enable us to achieve a significant and measurable improvement in employee performance. In addition, we are also increasing opportunities for our employees to develop and improve both their behavioural and technical skills.

Caroline Pear - Practice Development Manager at EDF Energy