Hogan Personality Inventory

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) identifies the bright side of the personality and reveals what we see when people are at their best.


Approximately 15-20 minutes - untimed


Conforms to BPS and American Psychological Association guidelines


All levels of staff


British Psychological Society (BPS) Level B accreditation or GFB can provide feedback on the report at an additional cost

The HPI has a 25-year history of successfully predicting employee performance and helping companies reduce turnover, absenteeism, shrinkage, and poor customer service. As with other personality questionnaires offered by GFB, the HPI focuses on workplace personality and has been used across both selection and development situations.

Hogan Personality Inventory


features and benefits

  • The HPI is a work related view of personality, preferred behaviour and competencies (eg resiliency, drive, work ethic, and integrity) which can be hard to identify in an interview
  • Based on the Big Five model: a robust tool

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