Graduate and Early Careers Recruitment

With rising applicant numbers and a clear relationship between graduate schemes and organisational performance, the role of the graduate recruiter is increasingly viewed as business critical. So how do you ensure that only the most suitable, able and motivated candidates are selected?

GFB can support you with graduate and early career recruitment by:


We have the technology to host your recruitment assessments on our safe and secure platform. We can then analyse and store the information appropriately.

Range of Assessments

We have a wide selection of assessments including personality and motivation assessments, situational judgement assessments and ability assessments available to help ensure the best candidates are selected.

Consultancy Support

GFB can work with you to create a valid, accurate and realistic role profile before helping to sift and select candidates.

Ensuring the most suitable, able and motivated candidates are selected

A well-structured assessment programme will help employers build an employer brand. Candidates who participate in an engaging and professional assessment programme which genuinely reflects the job and the organisation are often impressed by that company, even if they are rejected.

GFB can provide the support and tools required to deliver a professional, accurate and engaging assessment process to ensure that you get the best candidates for your scheme.

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