GFB Personality Profile

Drawing on their experience as Global leaders in people assessment, GFB have developed a user friendly, clear and modern trait and
narrative report which is built based on an individual’s responses to the reliable, robust and well validated Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ). 


Short; Takes approximately 20 minutes to complete


Range of languages available


Suitable for all sectors, levels and functions

The GFB Trait and Narrative report summarises the 21 most important personality traits which impact performance at work, based on our 22 years’ experience in supporting our clients. It provides summary scores along with a narrative explanation of how these traits may be demonstrated.

The 21 traits have been categorised into 3 key areas:

Self-Presentation and Sociability – how we are likely to interact with others 

Thinking and Operational Style – how we are likely to work on tasks and projects

Emotional Adjustment –  how our drives and emotions are likely to impact how we work

The questionnaire behind the report is the extremely
well validated SHL Occupational Personality
Questionnaire (OPQ32)
reimagined which is the most
widely used measure of behavioural style in the
world. The questions are available in over 30
languages and takes approximately 20 minutes to

SHL Psychometric


The GFB Trait and Narrative report provides a good range of traits across the key areas and is easy to understand, interpret and apply in the workplace. 

GFB can provide feedback and interpretation support for the trait and narrative report as required. Alternatively, it can be accessed and administered directly by clients if it’s use is overseen by an
individual with the relevant BPS Occupational Test User Personality accreditation.

View a sample of the GFB profile and narrative report

GFB Role Match Profile

GFB also offer the option to build a role match profile based on the requirements of a specific role. Once the GFB team have reviewed requirements and built this specific profile, the resulting report can be accessed by users who are not BPS accredited because the interview guide and report, which is available automatically, take into account the requirements of the role. 

The profile match report and interview guide highlight the key traits that have been identified as required to be successful in the role and show how the candidate’s scores have indicated where they are a good fit and where elements of the role may be challenging, in order to help with the recruitment process.

View a sample of the GFB Role Match Profile

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Getfeedback to GFB;
The Evolution

Over the last 20 years Getfeedback have undergone a number of changes as any business does. And this year, 2020, we have a pretty big one.

When we came to be back in 2000, ‘Getfeedback’ seemed like a perfect fit. But as we have grown and evolved as a company it started to become clear that we do so much more than get feedback for our clients. So, it was time for a change. Keeping our roots firmly in the people assessment field we wanted to keep the heart of Getfeedback but not be pigeonholed by a name. Thus the evolution to GFB.

We’ve been using GFB internally as shorthand for as long we’ve been around, so what could be more appropriate? We’re keeping our classic orange but bringing in some more colour, letting everyone know we are still the same trusted team but we can also help in areas you may not have thought to ask about before.

Our main strengths continue to sit across assessments, technology and consultancy which is why we have formed such a strong relationship with our existing clients and can provide the flexibility of approach to meet with a wide variety of new client projects, whether that is delivering 8000 bespoke multi-lingual 360’s or assessing potential candidates for business critical roles.  

It may just be a rebrand for the good old Getfeedback you have been so familiar to working with, but for us it is a great to have an updated brand that better reflects the exciting diversity of the projects we deliver. So now when someone asks what GFB does we can have an open platform to share all the cool stuff we do… as well as the feedback.