Facilitating Culture Change

Culture Changes

The impact of culture on the performance of an organisation has become more and more obvious as the impact of regulation and uncertainty directly affect the bottom line. GFB equips leadership teams to develop an agile culture, effective in an uncertain and ever changing business environment.

We work with leadership teams, using our structured THINK-In© approach to help them develop a clear purpose and strategy for change. The behavioural approach looks directly at how the team works, as well as what the team has set out to achieve. We focus our facilitation on the four key levers of change:

– Purpose, identity and focus

– Creating the rhythm of decisions (attention, motivation and choice)

– Nurturing behaviour, knowledge and skills and

– Working through role models to develop new habits.

 The Think-In Methodology for Organisational Change

The Think-In methodology leverages diversity to encourage organisational engagement and personal ownership of culture change, while also improving business performance by accelerating the process of culture change.

Strategic Thinking

We facilitate leadership teams to develop robust strategies that are fit for the ever-changing world of business. We do this by using a structured approach to how teams think, by spending more time on the issues and by taking an inclusive approach to thought and idea contribution.

Our approach develops effective thinking in teams and leads to superior solutions, removing the need for cognitive outsourcing and improving input, and buy-in for the strategy. The methodology takes into consideration a broader range of information and experiences all the while building a culture of openness, trust and shared accountability in the top teams.

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