Employee Engagement Sureys

What is engagement and why is it important?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) defines engagement as a “combination of commitment to the organisation and its values, plus a willingness to help out colleagues (organisational citizenship). It goes beyond job satisfaction and is not simply one’s motivation. Engagement is something the employee has to offer: it cannot be ‘required’ as part of the employment contract”.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that there is a strong link between the way people are managed, their attitudes and their company’s performance. Engaged employees can enhance key performance factors such as productivity, attendance, customer focus, employee satisfaction and employee retention. So, it’s no surprise that organisations are increasing the monitoring and reporting they do around employee engagement, cementing it into organisational culture.

So, if engagement equals higher business performance and lower attrition, coupled with the benefits of getting people ready to lead the organisation out of the downturn, improving engagement seems an obvious strategy to implement and implement effectively.

Employee Engagement Surveys

We are experts in designing employee engagement surveys – whether you already have a set of questions you want to use or you want to use our off-the-shelf surveys we can support your organisation with your next step.

We can work with your organisation year on year to help you utilise your engagement surveys to develop the issues being discussed, from simple motivational hygiene factors to more strategic issues.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Our surveys measure employee satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. We use ‘key driver analysis’ to prioritise what matters most to employees. We clearly present information so that leaders gain commercial insight into the factors that are most likely to drive engagement, giving them solid development points to move forward with to improve.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Your engagement survey is the tool to deliver your strategy. GFB’s process for creating a bespoke engagement survey starts with looking to understand what you are setting out to achieve and what you need to demonstrate with your survey. We will then construct the survey structure and questions in such a way that the salient issues are clearly addressed. We will also draw from our expertise in surveying by checking against our well researched bank of questions to ensure that the questions are formulated so they can be cross checked and verified. We will make the survey accessible online, via our secure, user-friendly assessment platform. Results are totally anonymous and when you are ready for the results, we will compile a full report for you.

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