Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement surveys enable an organisation to measure the extent to which its employees are engaged: engaged employees are loyal and productive. The key to improving engagement is to accurately predict the drivers and then take action.


To assess the levels of engagement within teams or across the organisation


To assess the levels of engagement within teams or across the organisation


GFB will manage this process for you: you provide the employee email addresses and we will manage the survey and collate the reports


Can be branded to meet your requirements and tailored to incorporate your company's divisions or teams for group reporting

Getfeedback has a standard, proven, off-the-shelf survey refined over years of deployment into some of the largest blue chip organisations. Drawing on this experience you can be sure you have one of the most valuable tools to measure the extent to which your people are engaged with your organisation.

However, you may already run a survey – and simply want to improve the report or benchmarking capability or indeed increase the completion rate by your staff through external, dedicated project management or web-enabling the survey.

One of the key outputs from the Getfeedback survey is the Engagement Score calculated by considering advocacy, loyalty and satisfaction: this score can be used as a benchmark for future surveys or across the industry.

Included within the report is the valuable Key Driver Analysis report – which highlights the key areas that, with some consideration and investment, are likely to provide the greatest return in the form of an increase in the Engagement Score.

Employee Engagement Assessment

features and benefits

  • A tried and tested standard engagement survey, capable of some tailoring to meet the specific needs of your organisation
  • State-of-the-art technology and project management skills ensures the smooth running of the survey and maximum completion
  • You can use GFB’s survey or we can simply take your current survey and run it across our web platform.

features and benefits

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