Development Centres for Teams and Individuals

Development centres enable you to see your talent pool in action in a variety of different situations. Research shows European companies typically struggle to identify their talent and implement effective succession plans, with many leaders of the future being identified via word of mouth or personal relationships. Rigorous development centres provides quantitative data on your talent pool that allows you to rank the individuals against a competency index, thereby enabling you to accurately identify your shining stars and potentially some hidden gems.


A reliable and robust technology platform which quickly analyses large sources of data therefore saving you time and money

experienced consultants

Qualified and experienced consultants – your partners in design and implementing a quality development programme

range of levels

The development programme can be designed for any seniority level; leaders, managers, executives, graduates in any industry

Once the Development Centre is complete, each individual is given a full feedback session highlighting their strengths, and a development plan can be constructed, tailored to the individual’s requirements which will provide them with the skills they need to become a successful leader of the future.

If you get succession planning right you can retain and nurture the talent in your organisation and prepare for sustainable business growth. If however you get it wrong your company could be operating a revolving door policy, with talent quickly disappearing. The information below details the component that can make up your Development Centre:

data collecting

Psychometrics are completed first so that a benchmark can be created based on the scores and the external data available; this can then be used to feed into the results of the other assessments to provide a holistic picture of the group and their strengths and development needs.

partners test publishers

To effectively and efficiently evaluate the development and seek evidence of actual behavioural change to correlate with performance metrics from the internal audit GFB recommend running an online 360 degree feedback survey for every leader participating in the development programme pre and post-delivery.

GFB can develop in close consultation with an organisation, a bespoke 360 survey questionnaire that will be specifically designed to align with organisation’s culture and measure perceived performance against the company’s core competencies. Alternately GFB’s off-the-shelf 360 feedback surveys, based on the Schroder Framework of High Performance, can be instantly deployed and branded where necessary.

360 for Development Centres

Interview and consultancy

Behaviour Interview

Behavioural Event Interviewing (an advanced form of structured interviewing) gathers evidence of past behaviour against a competency or behavioural framework. By asking someone to describe a past experience the interviewer is able to identify the behaviours that the applicant has demonstrated in the past rather than what they say they would demonstrate during a traditional interview.

Business Simulation

GFB recommends including a business simulation as part of the development centre. The business simulation provides rich background information upon which delegates can make decisions, solve problems and demonstrate their ability to get the best from others. Participants are asked to conduct a number of simulated business tasks, which provide the opportunity to demonstrate their capability to manage and deliver exactly as they would in the work environment.

The simulation would consist of a background briefing pack provided to all delegates introducing them either to a fictional company, role and scenario, or a scenario based upon a real-life issue relevant to a specific strategic challenge for the organisation. The development centre would utilise an analytical exercise that would form the backbone to the delegates’ experience, interspersed with various other activities. Depending upon the specific objectives of the development centre, a number of exercises will be included to provide delegates with the best possible opportunity to demonstrate their strengths and limitations. Tasks typically fall into six main categories:

  • Individual thinking
  • Competitive group working
  • Non-competitive group working
  • Individual doing
  • Management of others to deliver
  • Organising systems to deliver

The variety of exercises ensures a thorough assessment and produces results that are both reliable and face valid. Our researched methodology has a proven reputation for delivering development centres that feel real, are engaging and present a challenge and an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their true strengths and foster cross team collaborations.

At GFB we can develop a business simulation tailored to your organisation or we can run an “off the shelf” programme incorporating one of our ready-made business simulations.

Planning and Feedback

This session would take place on the morning of day 2 and would be expected to last 90 minutes and would take each delegate through their reports, help them to make sense of the data and link it to the priorities of their role and future aspirations.



A coaching programme consisting of 1 session once a month for 6 months that will be specifically focused on developing the weaknesses identified during the assessment centre. All our coaches are highly flexible and capable of modifying the way in which they deliver to ensure that the audience on the day gains maximum value from the sessions. The considerable experience many of our coaches have gained overtime, with clients, provides invaluable experience of delivering effective leadership programmes. GFB prefer to introduce coaches to a client in advance, whenever possible to ensure a good cultural fit.

Development Courses

GFB’s development courses focus on skill development as well as knowledge with more emphasis on skill practice rather than classroom learning. Our development courses are structured with pre-developed materials and agendas, which allow for flexibility and 2 way interaction between trainers and participants. Our courses are great for delivering training to develop a specific behaviour or skill to group of individuals where has been identified as a skills gap.

Facilitated Workshops

GFB’s facilitated workshops focus on delegates finding their own solutions. They are very much delegate led with the facilitator asking questions to help the participants explore issues more deeply and find solutions within the group. Facilitated workshops are informal and fluid and are perfect for teams of high performing individuals looking to solve business critical issues or develop new ways of working more effectively.

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