Development Centres

Development centres enable you to see your talent pool in action in a variety of different situations. Research shows European companies typically struggle to identify their talent and implement effective succession plans, with many leaders of the future being identified via word of mouth or personal relationships. Rigorous development centres provide quantitative data on your talent pool that allows you to rank the individuals against a competency index, thereby enabling you to accurately identify your shining stars and potentially some hidden gems.

GFB will support you with development centres by:


A reliable and robust technology platform which quickly analyses large sources of data therefore saving you time and money

Experienced Consultants

Qualified and experienced consultants – your partners in design and implementing a quality development programme

Range of Levels

The development programme can be designed for any seniority level; leaders, managers, executives, graduates in any industry

Components that make up your development centre

Once the Development Centre is complete, each individual is given a full feedback session highlighting their strengths, and a development plan can be constructed, tailored to the individual’s requirements which will provide them with the skills they need to become a successful leader of the future.

If you get succession planning right you can retain and nurture the talent in your organisation and prepare for sustainable business growth. If however you get it wrong your company could be operating a revolving door policy, with talent quickly disappearing. The information below details the components that can make up your Development Centre:

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