Behavioural Event Interviewing

While psychometric instruments provide an evaluation of potential, behavioural event interviewing (an advanced form of structured interviewing) gathers evidence of past behaviour against an agreed framework; past behaviour, of course, providing an indication of likely future performance in the role.


To maximise the value and reliability
of the interview process


Candidates for more senior roles,
and individuals requiring development


Can be delivered over the
telephone or face to face

Behavioural Event Interviewing is a dynamic form of interviewing. One of our qualified consultants will guide your candidate to tell the story of successful and unsuccessful outcomes in recent business roles whilst they skilfully probe and clarify exactly how success was achieved. Because the interviewee is recalling their story in an order that makes sense to them, accurate recall is enhanced and even the most nervous interviewees are given the best chance to accurately portray evidence of their strengths and weaknesses.

GFB consultants use the Schroder High Performance Framework to measure candidates against. Alternatively where companies have robust frameworks in place already, we can tailor the BEI to use an organisation’s own framework.

Research shows that the best evidence of future performance is found in evidence of the behavioural competencies that the interviewee has displayed in the past. Accordingly, during this type of selection interview, the role of the interviewer is to collate as much evidence as possible of where the candidate demonstrates they have used the correct competencies, at the correct level for the intended role.

This interview process places emphasis on the skills of the interviewer to collate detailed evidence during an interview and therefore, as for other forms of structured interviewing, consistency in the application of this process is extremely important and is best achieved by formally training interviewers in the technique.

Behavioural Event Interview Accreditation and Training

GFB’s four day accreditation programme provides up to six individuals with the necessary skills to conduct these interviews as part of their recruitment and development processes.

Behavioural Event Interview report

After the interview our consultant will produce a written report, a sample of which can be sent on request.

Features and Benefits

  • Shown to have 50% more predictive validity than traditional interviewing
  • Especially effective when evaluating candidates for senior roles
  • Captures evidence of individual performance against a framework of behaviours required to succeed in a dynamic and challenging role
  • The experience is more pleasant for the interviewee, allowing them to give an accurate account of their capabilities, and gain a positive impression of the hiring organisation
  • A highly structured and effective method to conduct interviews to ensure you get the best information from your candidates to feed into your decision-making process.
  • High inter-rater reliability with this method of interviewing meaning that you can be sure that candidates are capable of being compared even when interviewed by different people.


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