Assessment Technology

We’ve been developing, hosting and delivering online assessment technology for over 20 years. Plus we were pioneers of one of the first online 360 degree feedback surveys. Our secure online platform is flexible and robust. In fact, you can access an established portfolio of assessments or we can create something specific for your organisations needs

Our expert consultants and tech developers can work with you to create, host or deliver a fully bespoke assessment technology solution.

Hosting your Organisations Assessements

At GFB, we have worked with many of our clients in hosting their already designed and developed assessments including 360 degree feedback surveys, engagement surveys and psychometric assessments.

Our skilled technical team will work with you to upload and host your assessments, creating a branded report output and giving your organisation direct access to it as and when you need.

We can support you with administration or we can set up the correct people to use the system directly.

Designing a Bespoke Assessment

Here at GFB we have also worked with a number of our clients who need an assessment but either don’t have the questions built or perhaps need a framework to build their assessment around.

Our experienced consultants will work with your organisation to design and build an assessment, using a framework that is designed around the behaviours your organisation values and recognises.

Sky Bespoke Assessment Technology

Bespoke Competency
Framework Design

Effective competency assessment begins with a competency framework that is fit for purpose. That is, it defines behaviours that will drive business success.

We use the Schroder High Performance Management Competency Framework to validate existing frameworks or as a building bock to a new bespoke framework. Whichever route is taken the process that’s followed is similar. We need to understand the goals and strategic direction of the organisation; and we need to understand how these are achieved by analysing roles and responsibilities of employees. We want to know how the best people in the organisation achieve success.

Once the competency framework is designed people profiles and job descriptions can be aligned to it; recruitment processes can be updated to include behavioural assessments (i.e. competency based interviewing; behavioural event interviewing, assessment centre). Learning and Development/Talent teams can incorporate behavioural development along with skis and knowledge development to really enhance the effectiveness of development interventions.

Competency frameworks drive up business performance. Specifically, they can generate greater employee and organisational effectiveness, and lead to more effective training needs analysis and career management. No performance focused 360 degree feedback survey should be without a solid grounding in a well validated competency framework.

Questionnaire Design

GFB have an excellent track record in translating behavioural competency frameworks into measurable units using rigorous questionnaire design. To do this our consultant psychologist will:

– Work collaboratively with you in the developing a bespoke questionnaire,

– Ensure agreement on all the objectives in advance,

– Create a first draft questionnaire , on which your team will then provide feedback,

– Collate feedback specifically on the following dimensions; Number of questions (expected to be approximately 40 questions for which the completion time will be about 20mins), Style and language used and Appropriateness,

– Create a second version of the questionnaire and finalise the design,

– Ensure the feedback report provided meets your requirements to drive the organisation forward.

GFB’s expertise in questionnaire design includes the assurance of face validity (your language, your values), content validity (ensuring the questionnaire is an accurate indicator of your competency requirements) and reliability (ensuring the questionnaire maintains its accuracy under a variety of circumstances and over time). GFB will work to ensure that the questionnaire is ‘right first time’.

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