Assessment Centres

 Our Assessment Centres enable our clients to understand and get to know their potential employees as they observe them performing in a variety of different, realistic work situations.


Our assessment centres use a unique behavioural methodology which is scientifically proven to identify candidates with high performance capability


A reliable and robust technology platform which quickly analyses large sources of data therefore saving you time & money

Consultancy Support

Qualified and credible assessors – your partners in candidate evaluation

Project support

All supported by an exceptional project management team who can manage things on your behalf if required.

Assessment centres can provide our clients with powerful insights which can contribute to swift and effective recruitment decision making, that interviews and psychometric tests cannot offer in quite the same way. In so doing, assessment centres can dramatically improve a high accuracy hire rate, saving clients from having to go through the process again.

Our assessment centres enable some of our customers to process hundreds of candidates a year, smoothly and efficiently, as well as recruit candidates with critical skills for successful change programmes.

We develop tailored solutions to meet our clients’ objectives and to help them raise awareness and understanding of their employer brand at the same time.

The key to their success is our robust, tried and tested business simulations, designed to measure a variety of competencies, behaviours and skills. Our business simulations have been devised using real life business issues to provide rich background information upon which candidates can make decisions, solve problems and demonstrate their ability to get the best from others. Participants are asked to conduct a number of simulated business tasks, which provide the opportunity to demonstrate their capability to manage and deliver exactly as they would in the work environment.

A bespoke event tailored to your own business, culture and industry where we design business simulations specifically aligned to what the successful candidate will be asked to do in the role. We can provide a flexible and adapted approach: from setting up and running assessment centres on your behalf to training you to run your own centres, or auditing your existing processes. We offer:

  • Assessment centre design
  • Applications processing
  • Pre-event psychometric evaluation
  • Role profiling for high performance
  • Behavioural/competency interviewing
  • Innovative business simulations including role plays, case studies, group exercises, in tray exercises etc
  • Feedback to successful candidates as well as those who were unsuccessful
  • Post-assessment wash up and feedback
  • Project management
    Training for your recruitment teams to up skill them in conducting interviews, behavioural/competency assessments, running assessment centres, using psychometrics, interpreting candidate feedback reports and providing feedback

Design- What should your assessment centre reflect?

  • The ethos and brand recruitment philosophy of your organisation
  • The actual skills required to carry out the job. An assessment centre should portray the reality of the job and the organisation. The tasks set should link with the job description and person specification.
  • It must be a fair selection process giving candidates ample opportunity to shine. Particular points to plan carefully are length of exercises and number of exercises used
  • It must reflect your HR strategy
  • It must involve people trained in recruitment and assessment
Sky Bespoke Assessment Technology

tips for successful assessment centres

  • Limit the number of competencies to be measured and adapt the tests and exercises to match these competencies. To predict job performance, it is important to determine present and likely future job skills
  • Use a variety of activities to let candidates shine:
    • Exercises and interviews because they have face validity (they feel ‘right’ to candidates and selectors) but they cannot be used to predict performance
  • Do not cut corners on training assessors. Ensure that they are trained to recognise the competencies and experience you are looking for and to seek evidence objectively
  • Give feedback to everyone – not only the successful candidates.

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