360 Degree Feedback Surveys:
Bespoke and Built for your Organisation

From beginning to end, a bespoke 360 degree feedback survey designed with you, for your organisation.


Framework and question design, hosting and administering your 360 degree feedback surveys; all supported by our experience consultants, technical support and project managers.


You may already have a bespoke 360 feedback survey that your organisation runs internally, or perhaps you have just designed and implemented a new competency framework? We can support you in taking things to the next step.


Having a bespoke 360 feedback survey designed for your, using your framework, questions and language will help in engaging your people in the process, giving the best outcome for their development.

designing your bespoke 360 degree feedback framework

At GFB we believe competency assessment is a key business performance metric used to measure the capability your organisation and its people. GFB is a leader in behavioural competency frameworks and our success in this field is largely down to our expertise in helping organisations implement a high performance development or performance 360 feedback tool.

What is the business benefit of using behavioural competency frameworks?

Competency frameworks drive up business performance. Specifically, they can generate greater employee and organisational effectiveness, and lead to more effective training needs analysis and career management. No performance focused 360 degree feedback survey should be without a solid grounding in a well validated competency framework.

GFB is a leader in behavioural competency framework design. To meet your organisation’s needs we can:

  • Introduce or upgrade a competency framework to support your people processes: recruitment, development & performance management
  • Align competencies with the strategic direction of your organisation

We strongly recommend the Schroder High Performance Managerial Competency Framework to all our clients. When introducing or adapting the Schroder framework to your organisation, our consultants will work closely with your teams and involve your people. This ensures that the competencies are fully understood, accepted and embedded within your organisation.

designing your bespoke 360 degree feedback survey

GFB’s expertise in questionnaire design includes the assurance of face validity (your language, your values), content validity (ensuring the questionnaire is an accurate indicator of the organisation’s competency requirements) and reliability (ensuring the questionnaire maintains its accuracy under a variety of circumstances and over time). GFB will work to ensure that the questionnaire is ‘right first time’.

To design your bespoke 360 degree feedback survey our consultant psychologist will:

  • Work collaboratively with you in the developing a bespoke questionnaire
  • Ensure agreement on all the objectives in advance
  • Create a first draft questionnaire , on which your team will then provide feedback
  • Collate feedback specifically on the following dimensions
    • Number of questions (expected to be approximately 40 questions for which the completion time will be about 20mins)
    • Style and language used
    • Appropriateness
  • Create a final version of the questionnaire

uploading and using your 360 survey

If you have your own competency framework in place and a questionnaire designed GFB will upload the questionnaire to our secure survey platform to develop a secure, reliable and effective online 360 degree feedback tool. For clients that do not have their own competency framework and/or questionnaire GFB’s consultants can provide support to develop these for your organisation.

We switched to using GFB for 360 as having worked with them previously I already had high trust in the service they can provide in terms of the robustness and reliability of the technology, quality of the product, the fact that they’re constantly developing and improving it, and the responsiveness of the service. I know if I have a question or a problem I’ll get a quick answer and a ‘can do’ approach.”

The system is intuitive to use and the pricing structure allows me to include a Lift-branded 360 service without it costing an arm and a leg – like GFB says, you only pay for what you use.

Katrina Wray
Lift Consultancy

Online surveys and reports are designed from the outset in partnership with the client. GFB has wide experience in designing reports that help each individual understand and assimilate their feedback easily without losing the richness of information from such a powerful tool.  GFB’s standard report format can be viewed and this can be used as provided or tailored to meet your specific requirements.  All questionnaires and reports will include client branding.

The online survey will be tested rigorously to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality. Specifically, this means that the questionnaires will be 100% accurate and the technology will work exactly as intended, all the time.

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